1919: Council blocks Japanese housing at 2539 Fulton


1919: Council blocks Japanese housing at 2539 Fulton
11/12/1919 City Council minutes:

"Attorney W S. Andrews informed the Council that the property at 2539 Fulton street, had been purchased by a Japanese (by name of B. Takaki), who is now building an addition to the structure located there to be used as an apartment house for Japanese and that the property owners in the neighborhood felt that it would be a great detriment to their properties, and were anxious to have the district created.

Attorney Andrews urged the Council to take early action on the petition, and also, if possible to revoke the building permit to prevent further work on the building. The petition was, by by resolution, ordered referred to the City Planning Commission. After investigation by the Council of the building permit granted B. Takaki for the construction of the building referred to, said permit was by unanimous vote, revoked."
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