1911: Neighbors protest Indian neighbors, McGee and Cedar


1911: Neighbors protest Indian neighbors, McGee and Cedar
Berkeley Daily Gazette, September 26, 1911 Page 1

"The possibility of having Hindoos invade their attractive neighborhood has aroused the residents in the vicinity of McGee and Cedar streets and an indignation meeting was held this morning shortly after two Hindoos were seen stepping out of a lot at the northwest corner, preparatory, evidently to building.

A large number of men and women gathered in the street upon observing the actions of the Hindoos and strongly protested against allowing the orientals to establish their home there.

Upon telephoning the mayor and laying their complaint betore him, they were told that nothing official could be done in the matter. Prominent real estate dealers this afternoon expressed their disapproval of allowing the Hindus to build in that vicinity and will will take steps to prevent the action.

A sign on the property bears the name of D. L. Jungck, 1942 Shattuck avenue as the agent. When interviewed this morning Jungck stated he knew nothing definite of the matter, but believed that one of the men in his office had some sort of an arrangement with "a Hindoo connected with the university."

The property is owned by a man named Atto, said to be a resident of this city."
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